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KTB Cupboards offers you a new, easy and affordable solution for kitchen cupboards, built-in cupboards and storage cabinets. With the flat pack solution from KTB Cupboards you can cut the price of an installed kitchen by up to 50%, without cutting the quality!

Affordable, Flat Pack Fitted Cupboards

Traditionally flat packs were aimed at the DIY market, but if you aren't looking for DIY furniture, KTB Cupboards have a list of qualified fitters who will install your cupboards at an affordable price. The quality of workmanship done by KTB's certified fitters is guaranteed! Just because you aren't in the DIY market, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the affordable, flat pack furniture solution.

Kitchen Cupboards

KTB Cupboards cuts the price of a kitchen by using the flat pack method of manufacture and by cutting out the middleman on handles, tops and other finishings.

Built-In Cupboards

KTB Cupboards supplies built-in cupboards for the bedroom, as well as TV cabinets and book cases. All designed to your exact requirements and at an affordable price.

Bathroom Cabinets

KTB Cupboards supplies bathroom vanity cupboards. These are usually made to order as the measurements differ from one bathroom to the next.

Why Choose KTB Cupboards?

KTB Cupboards was started in September 2006 by Hans Veltman after he found a need in the South African market for a company which manufactures reasonably priced DIY Cupboards and will deliver on time and at the quality promised.

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