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Transform your bathroom with affordable bathroom cupboards

KTB Cupboards supplies cupboards for bathrooms, all designed to your exact requirements and at an affordable price. As a bathroom vanity is often the focal point of the bathroom it can make or break your bathroom design.

Affordable bathroom cupboards

KTB Cupboards uses the flat pack method to manufacture your bathroom cupboards. The sections of the cupboard are manufactured in flat parts and designed to be quickly and easily assembled. Because flat packs are extremely space efficient we can save money on storage and transport costs. This allows you to enjoy beautiful bathroom cupboards at an affordable price!

Guarantee on bathroom cabinets

Our bathroom cabinets are made from the very best materials. We give a lifetime guarantee on hinges and fittings and a warranty on all our cupboards. Vanity cabinets are usually made to order as the measurements differ from one cabinet to the next.

DIY or installed

The flatpack furniture solution allows you to easily install the bathroom cupboards yourself or you can use one of our qualified fitters. Costs are kept low, because KTB Cupboards doesn't add on additional charges. Work directly with the fitter and keep your bathroom cupboards at an affordable price. The quality of workmanship done by KTB's certified fitters is guaranteed!

Contact KTB Cupboards for affordable, quality bathroom cupboards.

Three easy steps to getting your new bathroom cupboards


Measure your cupboards

See how to measure your kitchen. The same rules apply to bathroom cabinets.

Never try and make your cupboards go all the way to the roof or walls. 90% of walls and ceilings are not straight or square. Leave a gap and use fillers.


Choose your doors

Decide on what type of door you would like - impact, squareline, wrappe, veneer or shaker.

Choose the profiles and colour. Other profiles and colours available on request.


Design your bathroom cupboards

Send us your measurements. We offer a free design and quotation.

Plan your layout carefully. Remember to take note of electricity points


Struggling to choose the right kitchen for your home? Send us your name, email address and contact number and we'll get right back!


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