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Frequently asked questions about installing new kitchens

"How do I install a kitchen?" "What if my walls are skew?" "What flat pack and not assembled?". These and other frequently asked questions.

Door types and materials
  • Door types
  • Material
  • Impact
  • Squareline
  • Wrappe
  • High Gloss Acrylic
  • High Gloss UV
  • Shaker

View wrap door and shaker door profiles. Other profiles available on request.

  • Melamine
  • Wrappe
  • High Gloss Acrylic
  • High Gloss UV

View Melamine and Wrappe colour chart.

Standard cupboard sizes
  • Floor units
  • Tall floor units
  • Wall units
  • Depth: 560mm
  • Height: 870mm
  • Width: starts at 150mm, increases in 50mm increments to 1200mm

Most units can be custom made to fit.

  • Depth: 600mm
  • Height: 2100mm, 2280mm and 2450mm high
  • Width: starts at 300mm and increases in 50mm increments to 1200mm

Most units can be custom made to fit.

  • Depth: 300mm
  • Height: 360 mm, 540mm, 720mm, 900mm, 1080mm
  • Width: starts at 300mm and increases in 50mm increments to 1200mm

Most units can be custom made to fit.

Why buy flat pack cupboards instead of assembled units?

Most pre-assembled cupboards are put together using nails or dowels and glue. They are not as strong as a flat pack cupboard and difficult to transport without damaging the cupboards.

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Can I install a kitchen if I have never done it before?

Yes - we provide full instructions on how to assemble and install the cupboards, as well as after-sales back-up, telephonic support and will even come out and advise if necessary.

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What happens if I order cupboards and the cupboards don't fit because the walls are skew or I have measured incorrectly?

In most cases we would cut the cupboard down to the correct size free of charge. If the cupboards are too small, we would supply you with a filler at a nominal cost.

See: Tips on installing DIY cupboards

What are the dimensions of a standard cupboard?

There is no standard width.

  • Our cupboards can be manufactured from 300mm wide to 1200mm wide in 50mm increments.
  • The floor units are 870mm high and 560mm deep, and with a post form top the total height is 900mm.
  • There are five standard heights of wall units - 360 mm, 540mm, 720mm, 900mm, 1080mm. They are all 300 mm deep.
  • BICs are 2400mm high and 600mm deep.
  • Our tall floor units come in 2100 mm, 2280 mm and 2450 mm high and are 600mm deep.

We can also custom manufacture most cupboards to the customer's specifications.

Office furniture units are made to the customer's requirements, with desk heights starting at 732mm.

See our standard cupboard sizes on all our product gallery pages.

Do you deliver throughout South Africa?

Yes we deliver throughout South Africa. Delivery charges are dependent on where you are.

Can I come and collect cupboards or must I order them?

Cupboards need to be ordered, you are welcome to come and visit our showroom and factory and our sales staff will assist with designs and quotes. All our cupboards are manufactured specifically for you.

Why does KTB Cupboards make separate bases for its' cupboards?

The main reason for separate bases is that cupboards which stand directly on the floor will draw in water and rot the cupboard from the bottom up. A separate base will also in time draw in water, but the replacement cost of the base is inexpensive as opposed to replacing all your cupboards. Silicon is used to seal the base of the cupboard from moisture getting into the wood, however this will wear away in time and allow moisture to penetrate the wood causing swelling.

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How many shelves are in the cupboards?

  • Floor units have one shelf.
  • Wall units have one shelf.
  • Tall wall units have two shelves.
  • Tall floor units have five shelves - one of them is fixed and cannot be moved.

All units can be supplied with additional shelves.

What makes a flat pack cupboard better?

They are assembled using dowels, steel pins, grommets and cams and are much sturdier. They are also much easier to transport.

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What tools do I need to install a kitchen?

You will require:

  • a Screw Driver to assemble the cupboards
  • a Drill, Hammer and Spirit level to install the cupboards.

If you are fitting your own post form tops, you will also required a Jig Saw and a Circular Saw.

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Do you guarantee your cupboards and their quality?

We give a lifetime guarantee on hinges and fittings and a warranty on all our cupboards. Our cupboards are manufactured using computerised machinery and quality checked prior to delivery. In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty cupboard or component, it will be replaced.

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